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[Mega Thread] All Dungeon Defenders
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    Swift xPredator

    [REQ] Modding Dungeon Defenders

    Hello. This is Swift_xPredator here. I would like some modded weapons and/or armor to complete all of the challenges on insane by myself in order to get legit weapons. If someone could please give me some items I would highly appreciate it. My gamertag is Swift xPredator. If you have modded weapons or just want to play Dungeon Defenders just add me!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Dungeon Defenders

    Donate me some modded items please? :D GT : paulthepieman

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    Re: Dungeon Defenders

    Hello all!,i'm also in need of a modded weapon and willing to trade legit rare items for one,my gamer tag is AlignedWolf879 thanks all.

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    Re: Dungeon Defenders

    I would also like to have a modded weapon i've tryed modding but just do not understand at all. i am willing to pay microsoft points or in game mana i have 8 mil. i just want like a set of or two armor and a weapon for eiter a huntress or squire even both! i'm on xbox live most of the day just message me or send a game invite and we can work something out my GT: a important man please and thank you in advance
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    Re: Dungeon Defenders

    Yes, a modded weapon and armor would be nice for leveling up my other characters, please and thank you =). (GT: jAyBe3)

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    XZ JuNiOr ZX

    Re: Dungeon Defenders

    i need moded weapons and armor mi GT is XZ JuNiOr ZX Please donate a weapons

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    Re: Dungeon Defenders

    Hey guys, I will pay per weapon and per armor set for modded weapons on dd... Sorry if this is breaking the forum rules, not sure if it is. But yeh, I will pay with paypal per weapn/armor set. Gamertag is Scope361


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    Re: Dungeon Defenders

    plz can somebody send me some modded armour and a modded pet my gamertag is iX3ROX x


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