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Thread: Checksums

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    I Been makin mod tools for about 2 1/2 weeks now and pretty much i can code in VB just fine..I want to make other mod tools for games that dont have Save editors..But the ones i want to do have some type of security on them and i have no clue how to figure or even recongize when a game has security (checksum) on it..So i was wondering if someone with the skill to notify and code checksums could take the time to show and explain how to work with those...thanks

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    Re: Checksums

    well... firstly... i'm too aint really good with the security stuff...
    but here some basic things...

    finding out what security is used.. has nothing to do with your programming skills... well at least most of the times ^-^

    while this depends on your "hexing ability"
    yo can still recognize a few things even if you're a beginner in hex editing...
    basic things... once you open your file in the hex editor... look through it and see if you can see anything readable...

    if (you find something)
        then its most likely not encrypted/compressed or at least not all of it
    elseif (the hex string looks like random values from top to bottom)
        then the file is compressed or encrypted
        search for values compare it with a few other files with different values
        if (you find something)
            then its most likely not encrypted/compressed or at least not all of it
            look again... some people thing if they can't find anything after they converted theirs values to hex hex strings and searched for that its enough...
            but i recommend using the build in search functions of your hex editor... with some of them you can search for different Integer types, floats, doubles, text and hex string
            go through all of them when searching for values
            if (you still can't find anything)
                then its most likely compressed/encrypted
                you start modifying and try to load it...
                if (you the game loads your save)
                    then the file doesn't have a checksum or at least the part you edited isn't part of the checksum (this case is very rare)
                    the game doesn't load or tells you the file is corrupted
                    from here first things to do
                    check your steps if you really did everything right (modifying the right place, rehashed/resigned and such)
                    if (you double checked your steps and the game still is saying the same thing)
                        then there is most definitely a checksum
    those are the simple steps everyone can do no matter how high your hexing skill is ^-^
    when you level up your hexing skills you will be able to reduce the steps to something like this

    if (compressed/encrypted)
        return "encrypted or compressed"
        look for values and modify
        if (there is a checksum) 
            find it and try to figure it out 
            if (it's a standard checksum)
                try to figure it out
                return look for help on the forums
    a bit lengthy... but i hope this helps ^-^
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