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Dead Island Weapon Damage?
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    Dead Island Weapon Damage?

    I see this new game coming out called Dead Island. I pick it up and its sweet, I can't put it down. I noticed it had a cool new online drop in and out multiplayer system were players can help each other out and give each other stuff. So I was screwing around with it and I found this guy who gave me a modded gun that did like 10000 damage a shot and had 8000000 ammo. I looked all around and found nothing. So I come here and ask you guys for help, I'm terrible at hex editing, I don't even want to know what iso editing is, i would just like to stick with save editing IF POSSIBLE. If theres a way thats easy and its not save editing then post it im sure ill figure it out.

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    Re: Dead Island Weapon Damage?

    There's a ton of threads dedicated to modding this game already, please do a quick search first before posting a new thread.

    Anyways, here's a link to Jappi's save editor, should be able to do everything you want with this.

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    Re: Dead Island Weapon Damage?

    jappi's save editor is good works well but does not do damage
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    Re: Dead Island Weapon Damage?

    Been out of Dead islang for a long while and couple buddies bought it so I came back to it to discover the new patch adding new mods and all!!
    So I wanted em all... the easy way XD (of course i went trought the game legit on solo a while back before modding on it, and it was harder back then, cuz they apparently nerfed the zombies with this patch)
    Anyways ... figured out all there Hex values for the new mods, but some things seem to have change cuz i use to be able to add as much weapons and items as I wanted in my savegames before, modifying the checks accordingly.... but somehow it wont work anymore... so till i figure out the new formula .... Or someone nicely tell me, cant do this for now....
    AND I also started messing alot with the weapon stats values.... I can change the damage, force, durability and value by messing around with the Long right after the none in the hex value of the said weapon... but cant figure out the formula to it.... so the only way thus far is trials and errors .... wich could take an eternity...
    SO (finnaly to the point XD) I was wonderin if anyone as figured out the formula to it?
    PLEASE lemme know cuz I d like to be able to max out a weapon damage just by tweaking the long (in the hex) accordingly, and trial and error starts wearing me down, not to mention that it seems to be different from one weapon to another....
    Anyways THX in advance!!!

    PS Any input might be of help so plz dont refrain from sharing with me!
    PPS Sorry for posting that on that thread but didnt wanted to start a new one when THAT one already existed with the right name to it :D



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