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New DLC for Dead Island Will Be Story Driven
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    New DLC for Dead Island Will Be Story Driven


    New DLC is coming for Dead Island, and instead of another survival mode like the last DLC, Bloodbath Arena, this one will actually flesh out the thin story of the island of Banoi's zombie problem. The best part? You get to be the bad guy. Colonel Ryder White, the main antagonist of Dead Island, has a rather tragic backstory that you get hints of when you play through to the end of the game and now you get to see how it all happened.

    "Ryder White's Campaign," as it is called on the disc, will be single player only (which makes sense) and will feature new weapons, blueprints, and skill trees. Developers Deep Silver haven't revealed much more than that except to say that the story will give you a lot of insight into why Col. White did what he did and that you'll see him portrayed as a military man and a loving husband. Interesting.

    "Ryder White's Campaign" will be available February 1st for 800 MSP ($10).

    Here's a video of what was found on the disc regarding this DLC:

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    Re: New DLC for Dead Island Will Be Story Driven

    too bad i dont like the game lol, but my bro does so i will let him know about this, nice share Sterling :)
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    Re: New DLC for Dead Island Will Be Story Driven

    there was some ppl talking about 2sec one but i think it was some ppl just makeing it up not sure on how true it was
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