I am making a save editor as some of you may already know well if you do then go here: http://www.360haven.com/forums/showt...ro-Save-Editor

anyway I have found all the characters stats and exp for all gens. I am now going for items, affection, skills etc. so I need a 100% complete file with at the very least 1 of every item and well it has to have everything. well 99% complete is fine 2. but I would really prefer a 100% complete save. yeah I know what your gonna say "why don't you do it yourself" well I would if I could I let my friend borrow my game and he is taking way too long to beat it. (note: he sucks a*s at games and begs me to mod his save so he can win. I don't mod for him though well not until he beats the game once or I will be a di*k and call him a pus*y and all sorts of names.) so please help a fellow modder out so he can make the best record of agarest war zero save editor out there. and do be sure to download my save editor if you have the game. I mainly use it as revenge against annoying bosses. (and hate how it takes a while to get money. so much easier to mod your money then spend hours grinding and hoping you get lots of money while your at it.)