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[TUTORIAL] CastleMiner Z Block ID Swapping
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    Startle [TUTORIAL] CastleMiner Z Block ID Swapping

    Hey guys, this is the next part to ID Swapping. By using this method you can make a base/house out of Blocks that aren't obtainable through legit or inventory modding. For example you can make a Lava base/house or a Bedrock base/house!

    To do this you need to extract the X#Y#Z#.dat file that your Base is located at. Then use fairchild's Decompression Toolkit and Open the Decompressed file into a Hex Editor.

    00- None
    01- Dirt
    02- Grass
    03- Sand
    04- Lantern (Minable)
    05- Lantern (NOT Minable) //HIDDEN
    06- Rock
    07- Gold Ore //HIDDEN
    08- Iron Ore //HIDDEN
    09- Copper Ore //HIDDEN
    0A- Coal //HIDDEN
    0B- Diamonds //HIDDEN
    0C- Lava (NOT Able to Walk Through) //HIDDEN
    0D- Lava (Able to Walk Through) //HIDDEN
    0E- Bedrock //HIDDEN
    0F- Snow
    10- Ice
    11- Log
    12- Leaves //HIDDEN
    13- Wood
    14- BloodStone
    15- Space Rock //HIDDEN
    16- Iron Wall
    17- Copper Wall
    18- Golden Wall
    19- Diamond Wall
    1A- Torch
    1B- Torch
    1C- Torch
    1D- Torch
    1E- Torch
    1F- Torch
    20- Torch
    21- Crate
    22- Door (Closed)
    23- Door (Closed)
    24- Door (Opened)
    25- Door (Opened)
    26- Door (Opened)
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    Re: [TUTORIAL] CastleMiner Z Block ID Swapping

    WOW IDLE HANDS !!!!!!! another game that you just cut through and slaughtered through modding



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