Hello guys im trying to do something which i think is fairly simple.If i am able to access the xbox 360 hdd files ,foldlers and partitions would it be possible to save some WMV movie clips to the HDD,I just need to save some music and wmv movie clips.The console i am using is damaged and it does not have a dvd drive only a dashboard and a HDD and i dont get on live what so ever with it.So i wanted to turn it into just a Media player.
I have been working on this for about a month or so,using Horizon and LeFluffie by creating a STFS package i successfully did this correctly once but i been back and forward so much with the process i cant remember what steps i took to make the video play from the HDD.So i have proved to myself that this works.I'll start with some of the things i do when i attempt this process.
1.2GB usb flash drive,formatted and configured for xbox360 by the console.
2.After thats done i open LeFluffie,choose to create a STFS package.
3.Convert and rename the movie file into default.wmv a compatible xbox360 format i used different programs for this so i dont use just one.
4.Add file to right side of window in LeFluffie,input title name and images etc.
Now this is where everything goes wrong.What do i do next i know im suppose to resign and rehash but only thing that works and not give me a corrupted data is when i resign/rehash using the CON(KV) provided option this actually gets the movie over to my HDD after i inject it using Horizon.
But i read somewhere im suppose to Resign/Rehash using the PIRS option.Well the PIRS Option and Dev Options Give me a corrupt data after i transfer it over.
5.So after i inject it onto my usb i stick it in the console and my video shows up in Zune's player and under Game Videos.Now when i selectto play the video i get a status code error 80070005 anyone know what this error is or how to fix it.I was told to delete the rights databasefile ive done this and it just comes back after i try and play the video.I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out in understanding how to create a valid working STFS Movie or Video package for injecting into the Xbox360 Folder.As trying to figure it out is driving me nuts right now.