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[Release] Eternia Crystal - Dungeon Defenders SE - V1.9.4
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    Eternia Crystal - Dungeon Defenders SE - V1.9.4

    Questions that already have been answered correctly will not be repeated.
    Please take your time to read this post.
    Most of the common questions have already been asked and answered, see end of post

    Ok guys...
    now we finally have v1 of the editor...
    with this version you can edit equipped items as well as banked items and banked mana...
    as i made this update in a hurry i hope everything works fine...
    even if there are bugs it won't corrupt your save files

    i added most things that where researched by idlehands and stoner
    so here again credits to the both of them for the research

    i added the compression toolkit fairchild made
    so the only thing you got to do to use this is just get you save from your xbox to your computer and load it with this editor
    edit the things you want
    save and put it back in your xbox

    don't forget to create backups...
    also this editor creates a Directory on your "C" drive called "EterniaCrystal"
    but will automatically be deleted when you close the editor

    this directory is used to extract your save files for the compression

    there might be some glitches with the inventory and banked items not showing the correct equipment icon
    don't worry about it you can still edit it without problem

    atm the names won't show as that need either more research to get the default names or i could just make them blank for default names and add the names that you changed ingame... but that might come in the future...

    remmeber this update was made in a hurry... so please use it with care and at your own risk (always make backups of your save files before editing)

    Change Log
    a small fix for a problem that occured if no screen resolution is saved...

    a small embarassing update...
    forgot to update the writer function with the same fix i implemented for v1.1

    small fix for the item quality drop down
    - didn't show the correct content and might have changed the actual quility

    these fixes are thanks to the reports from curtdawg21

    small fix but with huge effects... thanks to Vatimyth for reporting this
    - Hero stats and abilities as well as the towerstats and element resistance always changed to negative value in-game and the max value would give only a value of "1" in-game
    this is now fixed...

    small fix for the Projectile Amount...

    Shots per Sec bug fixed

    Additional Projectiles bug fixed
    raised level cap

    special thanks to Lord Chur for testing the new version and making sure it worked correctly

    a bug that occurred when you are far in to the game or when having a specific TU....
    (not sure... can also be both can't test it myself... but it should be fixed... well could have helped if people posted their savefiles... -.-)
    made some other changes too... so please remember to make backups...

    if this version still doesn't work for you try v1.8b

    if there are no more bugs this will probably be the last version... till the next big game update that may break this editor...
    but for now...
    as long as people are unwilling to provide saves for the crashes they encounter i can't fix those problems...
    and the editor works perfectly for me...

    this is critical update
    this fix is needed for some saves as the write process wasn't updated it gets the wrong positions and might cause the out of memory error and some other errors while saving

    fixed the knock back bug

    better error reporting

    changed character editor cap
    new cap for level, exp and hero stats to 2billion (hero stats can also go negative)

    use these high values at your own risk this will also be the last update for this editor (unless some major bug was found)

    please report any bugs you may find...

    Download stats

    v0.7 was downloaded 83x
    v1.0 was downloaded 50x
    v1.1 was downloaded 31x
    v1.3 was downloaded 33x
    v1.4 was downloaded 320x
    v1.5 was downloaded 57x
    v1.6 was downloaded 3465x
    v1.7 was downloaded 191x
    v1.8 + v1.8b was downloaded 123x
    v1.9 was downloaded 401x
    v1.9.1 was downloaded 80x
    v1.9.2 was downloaded 11551x
    v1.9.3 was downloaded 6876x

    small tut on how to work with this editor

    the reason why levels and stats will be reset is because you set stat value higher then your maximum allowed for the characters actual level

    for anyone who having trouble with the editor...
    first of all...
    make sure you have a drive "C" (windows users should be ok... for max and linux users... use a virtual machine... or use another pc with windows on it (preferably windows 7 or below with .net 4 installed))
    then make sure you don't have a folder/directory called "EterniaCrystal" on that drive... if you do... delete it
    extract the editor from the rar archive... do not run it from within the rar archive... there are 2 files inside that rar archive... and both need to be in the same directory
    one is the "dd.exe" (the save decompression tool created by fairchild) and the other is "EterniaCrystal.exe" (the actual editor)

    once you've extracted the editor run it
    if for what ever reasons the editor crashes or throws an error try running it as admin

    if you get the error "invalid STFS" then you are opening the wrong file
    make sure you try to open the correct file

    somehow it is sad to see how many times this was downloaded and how much appreciation it got -.-
    Questions & Answers


    Q: Everytime i try to open/load my DunDefsave in Eternia Crystal it gives me this message "An Error Occured!!! The system cannot find the file specified" Is there a way to fix that?

    A: It means the dd.exe is missing. Please re-download the EterniaCrystal194.rar or extract the rar file properly and by that i mean extract everything, not just the EterniaCrystal.exe.

    Do i need glasses?

    Q: I can't see the download link or attachment.

    A: You have to click the like button to view the hidden attachment/download link.
    Every first post has those buttons and it's below users post. Clicking the FACEBOOK LIKE button will not show the hidden download link

    Corrupt save?

    Q: Damaged/corrupt DunDefSave after using the Eternia Crystal Save Editor. How can i fix this?

    A: This can be fixed by using the package manager in horizon. Run horizon and click on the tools >> Package manager. Rehash/resign your DunDefSave with package manager before injecting back to USB

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    Re: [RELEASE] Eternia Crystal - Dungeon Defenders SE - V0.7

    the editor looks awesome, if i do get this game i will definitely try this editor out, keep up the awesome work you do cybersam :)
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    Re: [RELEASE] Eternia Crystal - Dungeon Defenders SE - V0.7

    Just tested this, works wonderfully. Thanks for the release. Looking forward to the equipment editor!

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    Re: [RELEASE] Eternia Crystal - Dungeon Defenders SE - V0.7

    nice looking editor

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    Re: [RELEASE] Eternia Crystal - Dungeon Defenders SE - V0.7

    Don't forget a crystal editor after you finish up the rest of the editor. Great editor by the way

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    Re: [RELEASE] Eternia Crystal - Dungeon Defenders SE - V0.7

    thanks now i willl download the game lets see if works

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    Re: [RELEASE] Eternia Crystal - Dungeon Defenders SE - V0.7

    Holy s*** someone finally did it. Great job man. Cool GUI.
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    Re: [RELEASE] Eternia Crystal - Dungeon Defenders SE - V0.7

    not used it but it looks very shmexshy
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