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Offsets to help future modders
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    Noctis Caelum

    Offsets to help future modders

    I will be giving a few of my game offsets out in this thread to help people who wanna make save editors...(this is strictly to help u figure out where stuff is kept and how to find them)...To code them into a editor i will not help with i did this part lol..
    ok first game is
    The Curse Crusade
    Fantastic Four
    1.Upgrade Points-offset-D69C (I think is was one of my first games and its in deciaml (d) not hex (h))
    1.Money-offset-53304 (again in deciaml (d))
    Top Spin 3
    Im doin this so people can learn how to hex..Using this is simple..
    1.rent/buy one of the games above
    2.load disk get to first save
    3.remove MU
    4.Extract save from MU
    5.Open HxD or HexWorkshop
    6.go to search and go right to the offset
    7.put in any hex amount u want to have
    8.save rehash and resign
    9.go to game to see changes
    10.collect/add just get more so the number changes
    11remove MU
    12extract save from MU
    13Open ur Hex
    14.Now instead of searching for the offset search for the amount until u get to that offset
    15.Try every method until u get their and u will be surprised...ex search int8,little end, int16 ex also int8, big end etc until u come to that exact offset...
    16.start a new game all over just play on a new save stop whenever save, remove and open hex editor...Search for that number until u come to that offset...
    Im assuming this will help people that have no clue on how to hex to learn to hex.
    If anybody doesnt like me giving out offsets (like and admin) please remove and close thread. Im just trying to help everyone out here so we can stop getting some many reQuest on how to hex edit or can we hex edit a save for them.
    If did help u which it should

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    Re: Offsets to help future modders

    i dont think this breaks any terms of the site this is like a book for people to read and learn thanks for the info

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    Noctis Caelum

    Re: Offsets to help future modders

    Quote Originally Posted by reapermech View Post
    i dont think this breaks any terms of the site this is like a book for people to read and learn thanks for the info
    thank u some ppl might find it pointless others find it useful..either way im just trying to help



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