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  1. Wii 2 (Project Cafe) pre-E3 rumours
  2. Wii and 3DS sales continue to decline
  3. Ace Attorney: The Movie?
  4. Sony cutting NGP costs to compete with 3DS
  5. Wii 2 online system
  6. Wii price down to £89
  7. Nintendo offer live coverage of E3 2011
  8. Upcoming 3DS update adds internet browser and e-shop
  9. Club Nintendo Australia update
  10. Nintendo World Store NYC to host E3 event day
  11. Japan gets fancy themed eShop prepaid cards
  12. Leaked specs for Wii 2???
  13. Japanese survey asks why consumers are not buying the 3DS
  14. Nintendo 3DS to offer free wi-fi at 25'000 locations around the US
  15. Japan charts: PSP on top, 3DS gathers pace
  16. No Adobe Flash and PDF for 3DS web browser
  17. Nikkei Confirms Wii 2 Controller Details
  18. Nintendo's Project Café Will Not Match Wii Success, Say Consultants
  19. Wii 2 leaked information
  20. Nintendo server breached but no personal information was lost
  21. Final Nintendo HD name debate continues
  22. Link eShop to Nintendo club for extra benefits
  23. PDP's Versus Pad Coming to the Wii
  24. Nyko's 3DS Alarm Clock
  25. Nyko's New Nintendo 3DS Battery Extenders
  26. Wii U officially annouced!
  27. Wii-U graphics demo E3 2011
  28. Wii-U has 'Xbox Live, PSN level online capabilities' says Nintendo
  29. Wii U price likely over $250
  30. Wii U third-party sizzle reel composed of 360/PS3/PC footage
  31. No GameCube Support For Wii U
  32. Wii U Tablet Controllers May Not be Sold Separately
  33. Wii-U's disc format to hold 25gb of data
  34. Activision confirms support for Wii-U
  35. Shigeru Miyamoto is no longer making Nintendo Wii games
  36. Wii U abolishes friend codes
  37. Nintendo reveal red Nintendo 3DS console
  38. Metal Gear Solid creators Kojima Productions considering Wii U development
  39. Wii U console "not drastically different"
  40. Wii U pad's screen resolution put at '854x480'
  41. Nintendo website may be victim of phishing scam
  42. SEGA: "Wii U due in spring or summer 2012"
  43. Nintendo talks Wii U online
  44. Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D soundtrack FREE
  45. Nintendo DS outselling 3DS in UK
  46. 3DS eShop Not Crediting Credit Cards Properly, Lots of Other Issues
  47. Wii U 50% more powerful than PS3
  48. CryEngine that powers Crysis is coming to Wii U
  49. Netflix is officially coming to the Wii U
  50. Wii U will have no DVD or Blu-Ray playback
  51. Wii U hardware photo's
  52. Iwata on Wii U controller range
  53. Let Mario hold your 3DS for you
  54. Wii U dev kits "underclocked"
  55. Wii U no threat to Sony
  56. Japan gets 3D TV shows on the Nintendo 3DS
  57. Wii U controller will have built in web browser
  58. Nintendo opens online store for Japan
  59. Iwata shows grace under fire
  60. Nintendo President says Wii U is 3D capable
  61. Wii U texture resolution is greater than PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
  62. Nintendo is collaborating with Third Party Developers
  63. Automatic demo downloads for Wii U and 3DS
  64. Gears Of War creator – “Wii U Looks Pretty Cool”
  65. Wii owners to upgrade to PS3?
  66. Netflix Streaming Now Available on Nintendo 3DS Hand-Held Systems
  67. Are we losing the generation game?
  68. Nintendo DS continues to outsell newer 3DS
  69. No 3D movies for Netflix on Nintendo 3DS
  70. Gamestop predict next-gen consoles if Wii-U is successful
  71. Nintendo facing stiff 3D competition from Gameloft
  72. Square Enix creates an ultra rare Nintendo 3DS
  73. Epic Games are ‘Very Interested In Wii U’
  74. Amazon Put The Cosmo Black Nintendo 3DS Back On Sale
  75. New Nintendo 3DS system update is now available
  76. Next-gen will offer 'big leap in graphics' - Square
  77. 3DS Getting Massive Price Cut
  78. Paid downloadable content coming to Nintendo 3DS and Wii U
  79. Iwata writes personal apology letter to 3DS owners
  80. Nintendo President takes pay cut
  81. Mario Kart Koopa Shell RC Cars
  82. The Zelda flipnote challenge
  83. Walmart selling Mario Kart Wii console bundle for $134
  84. Walmart may drop price of the Nintendo 3DS three days early
  85. UK 3DS price wars begin
  86. Get a 3DS for $99 with trade-in
  87. Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program
  88. 3DS Ambassador Program extended until September 30th
  89. No free sortware for 3DS eshop
  90. Nintendo releasing revamped Wii
  91. Nintendo win absolutely nothing at Gamescom 2011
  92. Nintendo apologize for Xenoblade Chronicles error
  93. Nintendo 3DS outsells all other systems combined in Japan
  94. Is Nintendo stealing ideas from external sources?
  95. New revamped Wii will be cut price at retail
  96. Natsume delaying 3DS games due to slow console sales
  97. PlayStation Vita ports could come to Nintendo 3DS
  98. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata’s future in danger?
  99. Inflatable Wii Karts finally blow up in Europe
  100. New products to be announced at 3DS press conference
  101. 3DS still at the top of Japanese charts
  102. Porn found in used Wii game
  103. 3DS wireless multiplayer is region locked
  104. Ever wanted to sit next to Mario?
  105. Second analogue stick confirmed for 3DS
  106. Mario Kart K’Nex sets come to Toys ‘R Us
  107. New 3DS design?
  108. Nintendo sales rocket
  109. Wii U apparently in 'development hell'
  110. Kirby snacks to feed America
  111. New pink DSi XL
  112. Nintendo need to embrace social networking
  113. New coloured Wii bundles coming this xmas
  114. 3DS system update will allow 3D recording
  115. A closer look at the 3DS Circle Pad peripheral
  116. Japanese investors reject Nintendo's 3DS efforts
  117. Nintendo say no to Smartphones
  118. Flare Red Nintendo 3DS coming to Europe this month
  119. Activision think 2nd circle pad for 3DS is a good idea
  120. The Nintendo 3DS has apparently been hacked
  121. Apparently the iPhone 5 will kill the Nintendo 3DS
  122. Crytek praises Wii U and also has dev kit
  123. Work at Nintendo for 20 years and get this....
  124. Link and Epona can be yours for $429
  125. 3DS and Dragon Quest Collection sit atop the Japanese charts
  126. Nintendo employees are apparently ‘losing hope’
  127. Bethesda looking to develop for Wii U
  128. Gamecube tech demo shows what could have been...
  129. New Wii bundle coming this Autumn
  130. Braid creator has heard Wii U “has a lot more RAM”
  131. 51% of gamers not happy with 3D gaming
  132. Sonic creator wants a Wii U development kit
  133. Nintendo gains 4.8 million in piracy battle, bans R4 Flash Carts
  134. 3DS Circle Pad attachment officially named
  135. Dreamworks coming to 3DS
  136. Super cool 'Ice White' 3DS announced
  137. EA sued by.....EA?
  138. Leaf green 3DS for Luigi's Mansion 2?
  139. EA loves the Wii U
  140. New special edition Gundam G Nintendo 3DS
  141. Get a blue Wii console this November
  142. Team Ninja pushing Wii U to the limit
  143. Black Wii Holiday bundle coming this month
  144. 3Ds tipped to be Christmas No.1
  145. Zelda Prepaid Cards heading to Europe
  146. 3D video recording officially confirmed for 3DS
  147. Hulu Plus coming to Wii and 3DS plus all the latest update news
  148. 3DS messaging system coming in December
  149. Sonic Wins Golden Joystick for "outstanding contribution"
  150. Pokemon Gray Website Registered
  151. Nintendo wins innovation award
  152. More new 3DS colours revealed
  153. Nintendo to report a 100 billion Yen loss
  154. Facebook has 'more gamers than the big 3 combined'
  155. Wii U in "Final Form" at E3 2012
  156. 3DS eShop to get playable demo's and other improvements
  157. More new Mario Kart 7 characters revealed
  158. Nintendo 3DS eShop expands to PC, Smartphones
  159. Nintendo announces another press conference
  160. Nintendo promise first party 3DS DLC next year
  161. Nintendo patents Wii remote touch screen
  162. Limited Edition Zelda 3DS
  163. Nintendo working on duo tablet support for Wii U
  164. Wii Drawsome Tablet will test the market for the Wii U
  165. Free Zelda 25th Anniversary screensaver for PC and MAC
  166. Developers may get 25% power increase for 3DS
  167. Best Buy Black Friday: Revelations for $35, Batman, Gears 3, BF3 for $30
  168. 3DS poised to surpass first-year sales of the DS
  169. EA and Valve competing for Wii U online service
  170. Nintendo respond to PETA anti Mario pro-fur claim
  171. EA love Wii U online. Origin maybe?
  172. Nintendo isn't interested in paid DLC
  173. West Coast Customs Mario Karts!
  174. Nintendo of America President talks Wii U
  175. 2 new limited edition 3DS bundles revealed
  176. 3DS still top of the Japanese charts
  177. Wii U putting pressure on Playstation 4 release
  178. Patcher talks Wii U, Call of Duty 4 and Xbox 720
  179. Up, close and personal with the new Zelda 3DS
  180. Nintendo creates Zelda themed room to celebrate 25th anniversary
  181. Check out all the latest Nintendo bundles
  182. Payne: Sony and Nintendo should stop making consoles
  183. 3DS November firmware update delayed
  184. The Wii U is 'very easy to develop for' say Darksiders 2 developers
  185. Wal-Mart lost money on every Black Friday Wii sold
  186. 3Ds still top of the Japanese charts
  187. Bit Trip developer has a Wii U dev kit
  188. Nintendo say Wii U pricing will be different
  189. NintendoWare Weekly: Adventure Island, Double Bloob
  190. These Wii U specs are extremely similar to the 360
  191. Retail is now selling out of 3DS consoles
  192. Nintendo happy with 3DS sales
  193. Latest 3DS firmware update now available to download
  194. French retailer prices Wii U at 450 Euro's
  195. Shigeru Miyamoto isn't retiring say Nintendo
  196. 3DS Circle Pad Pro battery life revealed to be 480 hours
  197. Club Nintendo lets you pay for games with coins
  198. Deadmau5 gets Miyamoto’s Signature tattooed onto his arm
  199. Circle Pad pro to be Gamestop exclusive at $19.99
  200. Check out the golden Nunchuck and 3DS games case
  201. Nintendo releasing a gorgeous Zelda art book
  202. 5,000 Nintendo 3DS consoles heading to The Louvre
  203. Are you a Pokemon champion?
  204. Free Eurosport app on 3DS now available
  205. Ace Attorney movie trailer 2 released
  206. Nintendo 3DS - Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Program
  207. The Wii U will be at CES 2012 in January
  208. Hyrule Historia: Zelda timeline to potentially be revealed?
  209. Only the E3 Wii U demo's will be at CES 2012
  210. Circle Pad pro available to pre-order now
  211. 3DS messaging system coming this week
  212. 3DS vs Vita battery life test, who came out on top?
  213. Nintendo Narrows Wii U release date window
  214. Zelda 25th Anniversary T-Shirts due soon
  215. Nintendo of America President talks Wii U pricing
  216. Nintendo to hold special online press conference December 27th
  217. The 3DS decimates all other consoles Christmas week
  218. Wii U getting full blown app store
  219. Nintendo backs off from SOPA support
  220. Miyamoto says the 3DS has room for 3D improvement
  221. Download an illustrated Earthbound journal free!
  222. Metal Gear Solid 3D Has Sweet Accessories
  223. E-Book and iOS content coming to Wii U?
  224. 3DS sells more in first 9 months than Wii did
  225. 3DS Lite rumoured to be in production
  226. Nintendo confirm more Zelda Symphony tour dates
  227. Turn your retro cartridges into ROMS legally
  228. PS4 and xbox 720 may steal Wii U's thunder at E3 2012
  229. Nintendo dominates Japanese software sales charts
  230. Netflix now available on Wii in the UK
  231. Wii Balance Board breaks a Guinness World Record
  232. No HD Wii games on Wii U
  233. Pachter says the Wii U is not next-gen
  234. HD just isn't enough for Wii U says Nintendo Of America President
  235. GTAIII Anniversary Knuckleduster Mug
  236. Konami dissolving Hudson Soft
  237. Nintendo confirms the Wii U controller isn't final
  238. Nintendo Network to rival Xbox Live and PSN?
  239. Ice White and Coral Pink 3DS's coming next month
  240. Do you want to be a record breaker?
  241. Wii U claimed to be 'Twice as powerful as the 360'
  242. Hulu Plus still coming to the 3DS
  243. Wii U to launch Christmas 2012?
  244. Wii U may be renamed
  245. Wii U to get online user accounts
  246. Nintendo considering retail downloads for Wii U and 3DS
  247. Wii U 'Near Field Communication' is go
  248. Resident Evil Mii Characters (QR Codes inside)
  249. DS speech recognition could help disabled children
  250. Iwata hints at upcoming Swapnote update