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Thief 2014 Master-Custom 700pts save

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Uploaded by darkmikasonfire - 10-30-2014
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For this, you'll have to beat the last boss.

To beat the boss you have to grab all 3 glowing floating rocks.
Rock 1: Immediately head left up the stairs at the start, jump the gap, turn right and get behind the boxes for the first blast she does. After that blast run to the left, there's the first glowing rock.

Rock 2: After you grab the rock she poofs right in front of you to blast you different than what she usually does, so run back to that hole you jumped over earlier (between the stairs and the boxes) and drop down stay where you dropped. Another 'her' will appear near a giant hole (depending on how you fell down it may be to the right or behind you, turn to see where she shows up). Don't get close to these floating versons of her, they'll explode and you'll have to start all over again.
Wait til it moves away from the hole (it goes through the hole and off to the right), once it leaves to the right, head out the hole, there's a pillar to your left, it's small but that's fine, get to where your in the dark behind it, cause she's going to blast at you again. Now run the direction the hole was pointing as you run you'll see a climb thing, remember where it is on the wall, you'll be using it soon. When you get to where the climb thing is, turn right, there's a hole that you have to croutch to get through, go through it and hide in the pillar's shadow that's part of the wall that the hole is in. She's going to blast and you can't climb that point fast enough which is why you bypass it. When she's done with her blast, run out of the hole again and to the climb thing and climb up. Don't move when you get up there, she's starting her blast right then and where you are is a safe point, remember this point you'll be leaving the same way. Once this blast is done run forward jump the gap onto the bridge and grab the glowing rock.

Rock 3: After you grab rock 2 she's going to poof in front of you and blast again, so you have to turn and run back the way you came to prevent being damage by that. Look down to where you climbed up from, its now a small waiting game, there's another floating her down there, when it starts to head towards the hole area that you came from after grabing the first rock you'll jump down. All this time she'll be blasting every now and then, you should have the intervals down by this point. When it's safe in your mind, jump down and head for the hole in the wall to your immediate left (you when through there before climbing up to avoid being hit while climbing remember). After she blasts again run to the back of the ship and around to the other side from where you are (if you jump onto the beams next to you to run across you could get hit by a blast). On that other side is another floating her. The area to the right will keep getting blasted you should be safe here (may have to move back some). Whenever the floater has moved away and you can walk around the wall and immediately to the left run to the end, there's a pillar next to you hide there, she's going to blast again. After she's blasted the last rock is right next to you so grab it. Mini cutscene, then you can travel to her and push X, she's not attacking so take your time if you want, no real point though. After that it's cutscene and you're done.

Okay for those completionists out there.
No side missions or cliet jobs have been touched for this. Basso is in his den in the main city go to help to get all the basso missions first, then go to ector and do his stuff, then the carnival dude in the Siren's Rest bar in the south quarter.

Missed Newspapers:
Manhunt! (unobtainable maybe?, in room across from chapter 3 start, behind 4 tumbler lock door, in the back of the room on a barrel, didn't find it between chapters 5 and 6 didn't look after that)
[forgot the name of this other one] (obtainable) – found in poets room when you accept the poet side mission from Basso.
[Last one I don't know the name of, it requires DLC] - you won't find it unless you have the bank heist DLC, if you do after you beat that level it's in the chapel hideout on the top floor on one of the tables.

Secret areas needed: there's videos that have every secret area on youtube.
Redo Chapter 4-8 and all in the City (I may have hit them all, may not of, but I missed many documents in these chapters). I purposely didn't do anything in the City so people could still get all the achievements.

Loot: I'm missing lots of it in most chapters, only grabbed 1 in the city (by mistake), a video below will let you get 100% loot throughout the game minus 2 single pieces of loot that are only obtainabled via klling someone (stealing it from them doesn't count as loot due to a glitch in the game)

Missing collectables:
1 in Chap7, have to re-obtain all 4 (including the missing piece) in this chapter in one go.
All of them in the City except for 1 (it's near the old lady, I also bought all the upgrades from her so you don't have to go to that small section of the city at all)

Use the following playlist for all loot and collectables in the chapters: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis...h4jzb_J8l7GXt8

Use the following playlist for all loot and collectables in the city: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis...JapiS-dQQ062Ny

Also you have all trickets and your item upgrades bought (unless more are added at the end of the game, so replaying any of the chapters is easy since you can croutch walk in front of people in light and they won't see you as long as you don't touch them.

You're one point away from having all the skills. If you want that last point to have all the skills you'll have to do the Talking Candles quest: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile.../?id=233717834 at the bottom of this link is the talking candles locations, there are also youtube videos that have them all listed too.

As per usual rehash resign. I spent 2.5-3 weeks on this save so hopefully you guys get some use out of it.

You should obtain the following achievements:
Something to Prove - beating the game with a custom level of 700+ points
A Moral Victory - No kills/knockouts
Hard Times - beating the game on hard mode
Priceless - maybe, not 100% sure, but I know a collection is done immediately after you finish the boss and get back to the hideout
Predatory Drive - You may have to piss around at the City for a while then hop back into chapter 8 and complete it.

Using it you can also get:
Sleight of Hand - have a large portion of these done, you can jump into your hideout and back out to get all the enemies to respawn stuff on them to steal.
What's Yours is Mine - can get most of them in the city, chapter 7 is missing a single one as well to have them all
Finders Keepers - I mentioned this above
Working Overtime - I haven't touched the client jobs, so you can get this by doing them all
Dastardly Deeds - I haven't touched the basso jobs, so you can get this by doing them all, will have to to get What's Yours is Mine.


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