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    Happy Turkey day everyone!

    Hello old friends!
    I hope you all have a happy turkey day for those of you whom celebrate it. Sadly I still don't have time to mess around with coding and stuff like I use and want too. Working a...
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    Re: Reviving a modded PS3 to current mods.

    Thanx guys I have monday off and will spend a good amount of time working on it. I might hit one of u up on msn or something.
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    Reviving a modded PS3 to current mods.

    Anyone with experience with the ps3 homebrew world? Also willing to help me get mine updated(modded wise) and help me get my games working again?
    I have a ps3 that I modded with the usb...
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    Destiny Beta?

    Anyone seen any mods to play offline or on a JTAG/RGH? Or any mods?
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    [Modded Save] Re: Fable Anniversary Ultimate Starter

    Will you guys add in all the cloths,armors and weapons? I haven't played the game yet. really my xbox and is still all packed up in the actic after 3 months of unpacking and fixing things around my...
  6. [Tutorial] You Can Access The Xbox One's Developer Tools Right Now!

    you can access the Developer settings by going into your Xbox One's system menu and pressing the left bumper, right bumper, left trigger, and right trigger in order. Then click on Developer settings...
  7. Re: [TRAINER]Darksiders 2 +12 [TU2] [54510896]

    Thanx man final got around to getting it. Now my uncle will stop bugging me to mod it for him.
  8. Re: The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Wii U Deluxe Set Unboxing Video

    None yet,don't even have a Wii U yet :P. I am looking around for any info on modding the save files all I keep finding is VWill modding.
  9. Re: The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Wii U Deluxe Set Unboxing Video

    lol I am not dead just working too much .Plus I've been promoted at work.:117: I used to get a Saturday off every now and then, but now that I've got a team to manage its a whole different cup of...
  10. Re: The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Wii U Deluxe Set Unboxing Video

    Pre-orded my last week now looking into wii U gamesave hacking :P.
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    Re: [Trainer] Darksiders II +9 [v0.2]

    Same problem here. The reason why is because the offset have moved around alittle. I modded the PS3 version of the game but the save fail formats are the same.
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    [Release] Re: Castlevania Lords of Shadow CRC Fixer v1.0

    Thank you so much for this. Now I can take this and use it with my already modded save (trainer) and make it even greater.
  13. [Trainer] Re: Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors Edge [4B5607E4]

    Thank you so much. I didn't know know about this game until today. I always wondered why we never got new weapons for the normal NG3.
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    [Trainer] Re: Aegis Wings +2 Trainer [5841083C]

    I haven't posted in a long time but I seen this and had to say something. I liked this game when it came out years ago. Thanx for making a trainer I am going to go mess around on the game some...
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    How far has the Ps3 cfw have gone.

    Anyone been following the PS3 modded scenes? I quit a LONG time ago. IF anyone has or know alot about it I would like to talk to you.
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    Sticky: Re: TempAR Database

    Thanx again man! I have some codes I've made. would you like to add them I don't know if u have them or not i'll check some time later.
  17. Poll: Re: [Quicky & Magnus Hydra] Castlevania Lord of Shadow TU0/3 [Updated Trainer]

    You can disable the part in the trainer so u dont get all the equipment. Just change or delete the date in the txt file.
  18. Re: I Need Help From SomeOne Who Has Fotus Armor From Halo 4.

    u guys still need a gpd i bought the xbox and have the armor.
  19. Final Fantasy 7 PC Re release Trainer!!!

    So I have had labor day week and and this weekend off. I figured would work on this app. I spend a few hours adding in the offsets and values. Alot of time messing around with the layout of the app....
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    Re: FINAL FANTASY VII re release talk

    lol they reset my online profile and will not let me use the cloud saving anymore.

    Black_Chocobo v 1.9.6 works on the save file you can find it at:
    C:\Users\(you computersname)\Documents\Square...
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    Re: Final Fantasy VII PC Remake Modding

    Version 3 uploaded. I am looking for someone to make a program to let a user click on a button to give them the cheats and have some with a box to let them change values of some cheats. I am willing...
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    Re: FINAL FANTASY VII re release talk

    I have it on the ps1, the old pc version, psp and ps3. I only bought it to support that we want a remake. I mean if enough people buy it they will see hey there is money to be made off of a remake....
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    FINAL FANTASY VII re release talk

    Seeing there are a few FF7 fans on the site I though we could talk about this some.:089:
    As some of u might know Square-Enix re release FINAL FANTASY VII. What are ur thoughts about it? The not...
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    Final Fantasy VII PC Remake Modding

    For those that don't know Square Enix released Final Fantasy VII PC download:089:. It a slight remake nothing major. I bought it to support the fact that we want a total remake. I took what little...
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    Re: My Childhood Dreams Come True

    yeah bobby's world was good. I never got into the show mojos talking about but I've seen commercials way back when I watched tv.
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