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    Re: So anyone here even playing pc?

    I gave up on my 360 i mainly just play on steam and my ps3
  2. Re: Why some game saves editable and others arent

    If you have a ps3 on cfw then you can download the cheat pkgs. thats why they gave up on doing stuff with the saves.
  3. Re: Why some game saves editable and others arent

    final fantasy 13 2 is editable and borderlands but thats about all i know
  4. Re: TUTORIAL - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Save Hex Edit (99999 HP etc)

    Nope I couldnt dedicate the time need to run it anymore. I mean to make it clean and appealing it took time and research to run that.
  5. Re: TUTORIAL - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Save Hex Edit (99999 HP etc)

    I wish someone would find gill it would leveling up monsters a heck of alot easier. But right now I no body can find the offset since your only changing 2 digits i wonder how they found hp with out...
  6. TUTORIAL - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Save Hex Edit (99999 HP etc)

    Good news for fans of the Final Fantasy XIII series, their is now a tutorial available that will teach you how to mod your own Final Fantasy XIII-2 game save, through the use of a hex editor. You can...
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    Re: White Knight Chronicles 2

    unless you have cfw the saves are signed and encrypted.
  8. PSA: Skyrim patch 1.4 now up on 360, PS3 coming soon

    The latest patch has been applied to the wide open world of Skyrim on Xbox 360.
  9. Big Square Enix Xbox Marketplace sale includes Deus Ex, Lara Croft

    Square Enix is holding a sale this week on the Xbox Marketplace, taking half off DLC for Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Just Cause 2, along with discounts on several of Lady Croft's adventures...
  10. Protect your console from Reapers with the Mass Effect 3 Vault

    Assuming you haven't already hung a hand grenade on your console of choice, Calibur11 is ready to encase it with yet another game-themed vault.
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    XBL GM responds to Live security concerns

    On the occasion of "Safer Internet Day" (what?)
  12. Mass Effect 3 'From Dust' DLC purchased at GameStop before launch

    Reader Craig sent us this image of his GameStop receipt, where he purchased a code for some Mass Effect 3 DLC ahead of the game's March 6 launch.
  13. Former Bungie president, Alex Seropian, leaves Disney Interactive

    Alex Seropian -- who helped found developer Bungie in the 1990s -- has left Disney Interactive, where he was head of game development.
  14. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning online pass DLC detailed, available now

    Project Ten Dollar continues unabated.
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    Dual NAND Support for Squirt360

    From the Squirt360 Team:

    Official Site: http://www.360squirt.com
  16. Thread: AutoGG 0.2.9b

    by jkipp82

    AutoGG 0.2.9b

    blaKCat released AutoGG 0.2.9b:

    Official Site/Download: elotrolado.net
  17. Ubisoft Reflections resume outs unannounced Kinect game

    Ubisoft Reflections' next effort will be aimed at Kinect, it seems.
  18. Final Fantasy X HD is a high-definition remaster

    When Square Enix announced Final Fantasy X HD at last year’s Tokyo Game Show, it wasn’t clarified whether the game was a full-on remake, or a high-definition remaster.
  19. Mass Effect 3 Xbox Live demo temporarily bumps Silver subs to Gold

    If you're a Silver subscriber on Xbox Live, downloading the Mass Effect 3 demo will allow you to cease being that one weirdo in your group who can't ever play with his friends online because...
  20. Microsoft's Stephen Toulouse to resign in mid-February, destination unknown [updated]

    One day after his 17th Valentine's Day with Microsoft, director of Xbox Live policy and enforcement Stephen "StepTo" Toulouse will step down from his current position and head out into the...
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    xK3y Remote now optional

    From xk3y.com:

    Official Site: http://xk3y.com
    Buy xK3y : here
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    Wasabi 360 Ultra firmware v1.2 Beta3

    From wasabi360.com:

    Official Site: http://wasabi360.com
    Download: here
    Buy Now: Wasabi360 FAT | Wasabi360 Slim
  23. Max Payne 3 out on Xbox and PS3 May 15, PC May 29

    Perhaps some specific release dates will reassure you that Max Payne 3 won't be delayed again.
  24. Darksiders 2 steps out of the shadows this June

    Darksiders 2 is scheduled to launch in June 2012, THQ's Q3 fiscal report reveals.
  25. THQ lists Warhammer MMO for fiscal 2014, has multiple unannounced games ahead

    Recent rumors held that THQ had canceled its whole 2014 lineup, including Warhammer 40K: Dark Millennium Online.
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