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Best 360 cooling mods?
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    Best 360 cooling mods?

    What cooling mods have the best effect? I've read about some cooling mods online, but I want to know what the communities opinion is. My jtag already runs pretty cool, but I want it cooler. My CPU temp is usually 30 and the gpu temp is usually 35 with fan speed at 70%. At 100% CPU is 27 and gpu is 32.

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    suggest water cooling if you want it to be cooler

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    Don't waste your money in "cooling mods" get the newest console, you'll save money in the long run.
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    Why dont you just leave your console open?
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    Water cooling is the all time best thing ever but i have observed leaving the case open with the wind tunnel and fan intact is pretty cool.
    If you want to shield your ram chips you can cover them in a thin cutout of fresh, unused blu-tack to cover the 8 chip heads both on top and below the motherboard, this also will repair most RAM-related red ring errors from personal experience.

    Another given is the x-clamp fix, this is to be done sooner rather then when it starts going wrong, consider it a factory fault (they included it on the slim, the thing with the central/graphical processing unit freak of nature ffs).

    You should also try and use the highest revision of heatsinks avaliable, they tend to be revised for a reason and i have noticed they are a lot better, these can be plucked fresh off a dead box after some cleaning or bought on ebay, i also upgraded the daughterboard but that was simply because i could.

    The final solution is to just move to a place with a meat locker and store the console in there during use, if it still dies from heat related destruction i think you are fully inclined to sue.

    If you have a fairly big budget for this you could buy a purpose built casing that resembles a pc case (there was an article on xbox-scene a long time ago) and simply pack it with an ungodly amount of fans.
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    Or...ship it to Alaska, and let it live in the snow for a few weeks, Whenever you want it overheated, Throw it into the core of Earth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Insane JIC View Post
    Don't waste your money in "cooling mods" get the newest console, you'll save money in the long run.
    He is talking about his JTAG

    i wouldnt advise this method lol

    This i would recomend

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    Thanks for all of the responses! Im actually thinking about maybe building my own case for some spare computer parts/cases and some old 360 I have laying around. It will be a fun little project for me to do while the wife is in boot camp.


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