This week's Xbox Live Arcade release is TNT Racers, a top-down arcade racing game from dtp entertainment. The cartoony visuals should make it clear that this isn't going to be a straightforward race: you can expect wacky weapons like Confetti Mines, Candy Cannons, and Space Rockets. The XBLA release will be available for 800 Microsoft Points.

If you don't have an Xbox, TNT Racers will also appear on a number of other platforms in "Q1," including the PS3, Wii and PSP. The PS3 and Wii versions will cost $10, while the PSP version costs $8.
Press Release
TNT Racers Brings High-Octane Fun to Xbox LIVE(R) Arcade in February, Other Platforms in Q1
North American Release Date and Pricing of dtp and keen games' Party Racing Game Revealed

Hamburg (February 3) – dtp entertainment and keen games today announced the North American release plans for TNT Racers, their upcoming digitally-distributed party racing game. The game will debut as a digital download on the Xbox LIVE® Arcade on February 9 for 800 Microsoft Points, on PlayStation®Network for $9.99, PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) for $7.99 and WiiWare™ for 1000 Points – all during Q1 2011.

TNT Racers delivers countless hours of high-octane racing excitement, where winning doesn't always mean being the fastest. Up to four players will battle across 18 exciting race tracks, using hilarious power-ups like Confetti Mines, Candy Cannons, Space Rockets and more to derail the winning dreams of their rivals. Okay, so they're not so hilarious to the racer who gets hit with them. Players who cause the most mayhem, pick up the most points and finish the most laps will claim the win.

A unique feature in TNT Racers is 'Shadow Racing'. When players are thrown off the track, they immediately rejoin the action as a shadow racer, taking revenge on remaining players and ensuring everyone is always in the thick of the action.

By moving up the leaderboards, players will unlock free game content including new cars, tracks and achievements. For single-player racing fans, there are three exciting game modes, including 45 Challenges across three different speed classes, time trials and custom races where racers decide the victory criteria and place power-ups on the track.

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