Although EA has yet to officially detail the contents of the upcoming Battlefield 3 limited edition, this rather official-looking image has surfaced on Gamersmint. According to the poster, the LE version (all first-run copies of the game) will include "Back to Karkand" DLC "at no additional charge." The add-on includes four maps from Battlefield 2 "re-imagined with Frostbyte 2," the upcoming sequel's new engine, in addition to new Achievements/Trophies, unique rewards, and weapons from the previous title. Those that don't get the LE will be able to buy Karkand "approximately one month after the game's release."

While these details aren't confirmed, they certainly fall in line with EA's many other "Project Ten Dollar" offerings. We're bound to find out exactly what EA has planned for the LE in "late February," according to the EA Store.