Though Epic design director Cliff Bleszinski has succinctly ruled out Kinect support for Gears of War 3, Kotaku's informants insist that Microsoft's motion-sensing camera will be used for a different Gears of War game (there's no indication of a connection to the recently trademarked title, Gears of War: Exile). According to "sources claiming to be familiar with the project," the unannounced game will be an on-rails shooter that automatically moves your meat-head man-tank while you mow down enemies.

Sources claiming to be totally unfamiliar with the project were like, "What, how's that going to work?" and, "Is there going to be another train level?" Thus far, Mr. Bleszinski has offered only a tongue-in-cheek acknowledgement of the rumor, and we don't expect to hear concrete details until an official announcement -- if there is one. Twisted Pixel's upcoming marionette-'em-up, The Gunstringer, is one of the first games to promise accurate shooting via Kinect, but we've yet to see hand-guided cursors that can move with enough celerity to compete with shooters on the Wii or PlayStation Move.

Then again, Kinect also allows us to defeat Michael Phelps in a swimming contest, so anything is possible.