As a promotion for Batman: Arkham City, DC and Warner Bros. are giving you the chance to read a Batman story in its natural habitat: comic books. A six-issue Batman: Arkham City miniseries will be available in stores and digitally starting in May, linking the storyline of Batman: Arkham Asylum to the new game.

Arkham Asylum and Arkham City (and Batman: The Animated Series!) writer Paul Dini is in charge of the comic, while Paul D'Anda, who did concept art for both games, will provide art for the monthly book. In addition, eight-page "digital-first" minicomics will link together each issue of the miniseries, allowing you to experience basically every minute of Batman's life between the first and second games. We look forward to the issue in which he's just sleeping, and Alfred takes the opportunity to do some Bat-laundry.