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Upgrading from Fat(20gb) 360 to a new Slim 360(320gb) - Things I should know?
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    Upgrading from Fat(20gb) 360 to a new Slim 360(320gb) - Things I should know?

    I bought an old Fat Xbox 360 (a green Halo-3 version) a few years ago. It has lasted me this long with no problems. It never red-ringed or went faulty on me. However, I can only install one or two games to my hard drive. I've thought about buying a hard drive for a some time ago, but by the time I got serious about it, the slims were out. My question now is: is there any important things I would need to know before getting a new Slim360? I know I have to transfer my licenses to use my DLC from my account. I also know I have to switch my account to the new system. My saves and data can be transferred with a USB. Is there anything else I would need? Any unforseen problems that other peopel may have had in the process?

    Also, Is kinnect worth it?

    TL : DR - I am buying a new 360slim. I want to transfer my DLC/Save/profile. Anything I might need to know?

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    Re: Upgrading from Fat(20gb) 360 to a new Slim 360(320gb) - Things I should know?

    i have the kinect and its kinda useless to me lol, but maybe later i might use it but doubt it, as for transferring stuff i think you have everything covered cant think of anything else when i transferred from a old fat 360 to the new slim, so i think you good but maybe someone else will know something i missed lol
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