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Orange Box Online Save
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    Orange Box Online Save

    Does anyone have a tested save that pops all the online achievements in the Orange Box?

    I have the 1 K load n pops but they do not seem to work or you can only get the online achievements offline without dates.

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    Re: Orange Box Online Save

    Unfortunately that's the drawback of the Orange Box save. I have my GS list blocked to anyone outside my friends list, so unless Microsoft one day decided to look, no one but I will know.
    My friend is a member of trueachievements.com (they've been featured on 360, so microsoft legitly acknowledges them) and someone was looking down his list and noticed he got all the online Orange Box and Soul Calibur 4 achievements without a date and reported him. He then blocked his GS list so no one could see them and told the site to cancel him, but he's pending investigation. If they tell microsoft, he'll be reset.
    So in a long winded way, I'm trying to say be careful and there's no way around that with the save (except boosting them which isn't a "360 crime" and isn't legit).



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