Reach for your wallet, because more Halo's on the way. The Halo: Reach "Defiant" Map Pack, first seen in leaked images last week, has been officially revealed by Microsoft as a set of three new multiplayer maps, available next month for 800 Microsoft Points.

"Condemned," set on a space station above the planet Reach, is designed for 6-12 players in various team modes and Free for All, while "Highlands" is a Big Team Battle, Team Slayer, and Team Objective map set in the "Wilderness Training Preserve" on the planet. Finally, "Unearthed" is a new Firefight map set inside a titanium mine. he map pack includes new Achievements to the value of 150 Gamerscore.

It's worth noting that the maps were created "in partnership" with Age of Booty developer Certain Affinity, a team of Bungie vets that has made maps for Call of Duty: Black Ops, World at War, and Halo 2.