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[Tutorial] How to get on PSN with CFW 3.55
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    [Tutorial] How to get on PSN with CFW 3.55

    Before i start, this should work on any "CFW" however you will still need to edit the Certificate to te current FW you are on if below 3.55..

    I am providing a Certificate from 3.55 so you should be fine with this, ok moving on.
    I'm sure some of you saw that all this crap such as running charles, and everything was driving you nuts? and you wish there was another way, A nice member by the name of Drizzt has released a simple app that does all the work for ya. Very nice of him.

    Okay now on to the instructions.

    1. Install dev_blind.pkg (this basically allows you to write to the dev_flash) and PS3OpenFTP (If you wish, i'm providing anyway) on your PS3.

    2. Once installed, Launch the new app on the ps3 (Dev Blind) It will now guide you through some simple instructions...all you need to do is press circle [o], Not hard, It will automatically exit the app now to the XMB (crappy dashboard).

    3. Now open an FTP app, or if you wish to use a file manager feel free to do that too, But remember to have the CA24 certificate somewhere in your reach, Now in either file manager or FTP, you will notice a new folder called "dev_blind" Tis is basically a dev_flash folder with R/W permissions, Now you're going to go into that folder, Data > Cert, Now either paste the CA24 i have provided, or FTP it from your computer to the console (IMPORTANT: Remember to make a backup of your own Cert24!!). Then exit the FTP application/File manager application to the XMB.

    4. Now go to network settings, and set the IP address as manual, But for the Primary and secondary DNS, you will enter the following.

    Primary - 192.168.x.x (This will be the computer's IP you will be using to run the applications to get on PSN), If you are unsure, Just run the PS£DNS.exe and it will tell you the local IP you are currently on.

    Secondary - 192.168.x.x (This will be your router's IP, This is necessary for the process to work, You should already know your router IP, If not, commonly pre-set as [ or]

    5. Test the network connection with the settings you have just applied. It should succeed with the obtain address, and internet connection, But won't progress any further due to you needing an update (3.56) to get on PSN. However just ignore this. Turn off the console, and turn it back on.

    6. Head back over to the PC, and run PS3DNS.exe, It will ask you if the local IP of the computer is correct, Press [Y] and then it enter. Now also start F***PSN.exe, It should do some traffic functions wit your current settings, this is fine.

    7. Finally connect to PSN, Voila! you shall magically connect to PSN, Let the fun tiemz begin again. Remember to keep PS3DNS.exe and F***PSN.exe running on the computer.

    Have fun guys.
    and a special thanks to Drizzt for making this easier for the community. If you ever see this, i'd kiss you and then have your babies <3.

    Tutorial by your beloved Renegade :)
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    Re: [Tutorial] How to get on PSN with CFW 3.55

    rebug 4.40 very soon



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