If the Duke Nukem Forever "Balls of Steel" Edition is just too big for you, GameStop and Walmart are offering pre-order bonuses with the regular-sized editions. Walmart is giving out the prior decade fashion icon – the "trucker hat" – with pre-purchases. We have no idea when the hats were actually manufactured, but given the extended development cycle of the game it could very well have been back when Ashton Kutcher helped popularize the fad on now-defunct TV show Punk'd.

GameStop wants to stuff its pants with pre-order cash using a simpler DNF bundle: "Duke's Big Package." The bonus is a group of downloadable items that offer in-game EGO boost (health), big head mode (boom shakalaka!) and t-shirt pack. Honestly, given our other-era experience with the game, the trucker hat is sure to deliver that unstuck-in-time feeling of living in the 90s.