The Dragon Age 2 demo is becoming something of a gift that keeps on giving. Its developer, BioWare, is issuing a "call to arms" -- a challenge, if you will -- asking fans of the upcoming title to download the demo one million times between its release on February 22 and March 1 in order to unlock two special items in the retail version.

The swag comprises two books, Lothering's Lament and The Far Cliffs of Kirkwall, that, when read, will grant players unique perks in addition to what we suspect will be some interesting Dragon Age lore. Players will receive an XP boost for reading Lothering's Lament; cold, hard cash is the reward for cracking open The Far Cliffs of Kirkwall.

Downloads of the PS3, 360 and PC demo all count towards the goal, and will be tracked on the demo's official page. It's probably safe to say the one-million mark will likely be hit, what with three platforms and plenty of hype, but we imagine the numbers could be fudged a little in order to unlock these items if they come up short.