Sony and Sucker Punch have finally announced the official date for Cole's next adventure. According to the announcement on the US PlayStation Blog,inFamous 2 will hit PS3s in North America on June 7th.

inFamous 2 sees messenger-turned-hero Cole McGrath in the New Orleans-inspired city of New Marais after barely escaping from a battle with the Beast in Empire City. There, he must prepare for his inevitable rematch with the Beast while dealing with the various shady characters controlling the city from the shadows.

Along with the announcement, we also get a glimpse at the packshots, Hero Edition goodies, and pre-order items that Sony and Sucker Punch are preparing for the game.

First, the US$ 99 Hero Edition. This special pack will feature an 8.5” Cole MacGrath statue, a sling pack modeled after Cole’s own in-game gear, the first issue of DC Comics' inFamous mini comic, an official inFamous 2 Hero Edition soundtrack, and a voucher code for the 24K Gold Amp weapon, the Kessler skin, and the Lightning Hook and Electrocution Grenade powers.

The Hero Edition will also be released in Europe, although SCEE has yet to announce a price point. One difference from the US release is that the voucher included in the EU Hero Edition will only be good for the

The downloadable goodies included in the Hero Edition will also be available as pre-order items from select retailers. In the US, the 24K Gold Amp will be available from, the Kessler skin from Best Buy, the Lightning Hook power from GameStop, and the Electrocution Grenade power from WalMart.

Some retailers will also offer the soundtrack as a pre-order freebie. In Europe, the Lightning Hook power, Kessler skin, and soundtrack will be available as pre-order freebies from select retailers as well.