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Costume Quest - Save Editor
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    Costume Quest - Save Editor

    Costume Quest - Editor
    Version :
    Created by : JizzaBeez

    How to Use:

    1) Extract the savedata from the gamesave.

    2) Open the extracted savedata in this program.

    3) Make any changes then save the file.

    4) Inject the edited file back into the gamesave.

    5) Rehash and Resign the gamesave.


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    Re: Costume Quest - Save Editor

    Too Legit, Thanks Jizzabeez. You are awesome.

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    Re: Costume Quest - Save Editor

    it tells me invalid save. any help please

    edit:: Ok I fig it out.

    Now thats cleared up.

    What is there really possible to mod besides candy count? Hardly seems worth it. It looks like there's a to unlock costumes but I'll have to play with it alittle bit more. If anyone know what else can be modded, please let me know which values to change and what is does. Thank you

    HOW TO OPEN :::::::::: Open device in Modio, extract savegame data to desktop (it will have your profile ID as file name). Open save in Modio, click on "file Contents" and extract "auto.save" to your desktop. Use that save in save editor BLAM!!!!!!! now you can edit. But I don't know how much more you can edit then what I mentioned above but if you find out please post your finding. Hope this helps ya'll
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