As promised, the "Expert Remix" and fan-created "Cramps" chapters of Super Meat Boy on Xbox Live Arcade are now available for the cheaper-than-fast-food price of free. Accessible through "The Internets" -- the hub world included in the XBLA version of SMB -- each chapter features a slew of sharp, sometimes spinning objects that serve to stop Meat Boy's path to victory. While Cramps is hand-crafted by community member NovaSilisko, the Expert Remix levels are plucked from the original game's chapters and made extra difficult (a full list of the levels remixed can be found after the break).

Also of note: "The Internets" is now unlockable at an earlier point in the game, requiring either 15 bandages or 40 completed levels. And while we appreciate the sentiment in lowering the barrier to entry, we'll be looking directly down our noses at you folks who needed the extra help. We're sorry -- it's just what Meat Boy does to us.

Official level listing for the "Expert Remix" chapter:

* 1-1, Hello World
* 1-15, Cactus Jumper
* 1-17, Morningstar
* 1-19, Intermission
* 2-8, The Sabbath
* 2-11, Ghost Key
* 2-12, Above
* 2-18, Destructoid
* 3-3, Push
* 3-6, The Shaft
* 3-11, Box Tripper
* 4-3, Heck Hole
* 4-8, Weibe
* 4-14, Adversary
* 5-4, Rise
* 5-8, Descent
* 5-15, The Flood
* 6-2, Schism
* 7-6, Panic Attack
* Kid-1