Are you wildly in love with Minecraft, but your computer lacks the technoguts required to really process its cuboid contents? First of all, your computer is whack. Secondly: Independent studio Projector Games is working on an extremely similar title for the Xbox Live Indie Games platform. Check out the fan-made video posted after the jump to see just how extremely similar we mean.

The game, which is (perhaps cheekily) titled FortressCraft, will be broken down into seven chapters to be released every four to six weeks. In a post on the Minecraft forums, a Projector representative explained, "Chapter 1 is basically Minecraft's Creative, Chapter 2 adds in crafting, Chapter 3 adds in life, Chapter 4 adds in machinery, Chapter 5 adds in Minions, Chapter 6 adds in PvP, Chapter 7 adds in Fortress Assault mode... (or whatever)." According to the FortressCraft Twitter account, the first chapter is due out next Friday, March 4 for 80 Microsoft Points ($1).

Each of these Chapters contains the features of previous installments -- a workaround for the platform's inability to patch in new updates. It sounds like a pretty ambitious (if not fairly original) undertaking for the developer. Whether the studio receives the support needed to complete all seven chapters -- or whether litigious sources intercede -- remains to be seen.