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Eden apologizes for buggy TDU2 with free DLC
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    Fire Eden apologizes for buggy TDU2 with free DLC

    Server downtimes and save game corruption were just two of the issues that plagued Test Drive Unlimited 2 once it officially launched and hit retail. Player reports have pushed Eden Games into overdrive, and now all three versions of the game -- PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 -- are reportedly close to being bug-free.

    Posting on the game's official forum, Eden Games' community team member GMDestra announced that the problems prevalent in Test Drive Unlimited 2's PC version are now largely fixed. The latest fixes that have gone live for the platform include the following bug solutions:

    Logging into the game has been improved
    Once into the game the online network experience is now much more stable in all areas
    Save games no longer corrupt
    Existing corrupted save games will be repaired in many cases
    Friends lists are now populated Invites now work correctly
    Clubs have been brought back online
    Exploits to gain money have been fixed
    Casino access has been improved
    Players will no longer lose money because of the Casino bug

    The bug fixes listed above will also be spread out to the game's PS3 and Xbox 360 versions as soon as Sony and Microsoft approve the patches that Eden Games has submitted. No ETA has been announced yet for the PS3 and Xbox 360 patches.

    In addition, Eden Games will be giving Test Drive Unlimited 2 players a thank you gift for putting up with all the issues and problems that cropped up in the game post-launch. The studio will be making the game's first premium DLC pack free to download.

    "Thank you for your continued support and feedback," reads GMDestra's post. "Our community has been amazing and helped us quickly identify a number of issues, which we have made significant progress in addressing in the upcoming patches. We really appreciate your patience in this matter and we would like to announce that we will be making the first premium DLC for the game free for everybody as a way of saying thank you."

    The premium DLC, called the Exploration Pack, will contain new wrecks that allow players to unlock the Lancia Stratos version Rallye and 1969 Dodge Charger vehicles.
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    I really feel bad for these guys. They're probably going to go burst after this mess up.
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    If the Patch really fixes everything and the Free DLC has stuff worth while then i'm going to forgive them but only this one time.
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    Hey, I think these guys are right on the money. I've played more games than I care to mention where the launch setup was less than satisfactory, and yet many do not even make an attempt to fix the issue (can anybody say Tenkaichi3 multiplayer?). The fact that they're not only putting an emphasis on fixing the issue as soon as possible, but also apologizing by giving the consumers premium extra content for free, really gives me hope for video game companies. I wish more companies cared this much about what their consumers thought of them. These guys realize that we're the customers, and they're all too eager to make us happy, and that's the way it should be; I may just go out and buy a new copy of TDU2 just for that.
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