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[Trainer] [Baga Trainer] Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen TU2 Trainer [43430814] 5/26/2013 - Page 3
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    I C0z I

    Re: [release]Dragon's Dogma +14 Trainer v1

    nice work

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    Re: [release]Dragon's Dogma +14 Trainer v1

    Awesome trainer.. many thanks for your hard work in making this trainer. It is very much appreciated.
    I got the trainer up and running which isn't bad for me as I am a complete noob when it comes to trainers (this is the first one I have used) but is there a way I can change it so the cheats are activated by right thumb stick press rather than left as in the game the left is used for running?

    Many thanks once again for a great trainer.

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    Awesome trainer ioritree thanks bro
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    Traine Dev

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    Re: [release]Dragon's Dogma +14 Trainer v1

    i'm playing this game
    Thank you very much !

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    Re: [release]Dragon's Dogma +14 Trainer v1

    thank u very much for this, i died very often in this game. dont have to worry about it anymore

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    Re: [release]Dragon's Dogma +14 Trainer v1

    I having trouble getting this working when I run the included xex. When I run the xex it says that i must install a system update before im able to play. But when i run the default.xex its runs no problem without giving me the message about updating my dash.

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    Re: [release]Dragon's Dogma +14 Trainer v1

    hello i wanna ask something i must edit something in launch.ini or just put it in the jtag rip folder sorry i never been use trainer before and i use Xbox image browser to extract dragon dogma to jtag rip it take so much time it normal?

    cuz usually other game it less then a 5 minute

    sorry for my bad english

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    Re: [release]Dragon's Dogma +14 Trainer v1

    Wow, still have 5 days until release here in UK. Look forward to giving this a go.


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