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request for brink editor (when it comes out)
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    request for brink editor (when it comes out)

    does anyone know if it will be possible?, i know this game is suppost to link both online and offline play so i don't know if it will be possible for an editor, likely it will be saved on their servers for multiplayer (hopefully it will end up as a save like with red dead redemption) but if it does have editable saves (for those of us with retail consoles) i hope someone can sort out an editor for it.

    maybe something can be sorted for duke nukem forever later aswell (april/maycan't remember the exact date).

    and yes i know how long it will be before it comes out (what can i say it's been a long time in getting here).

    we can only hope.

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    uh... well only the developers of that game will know if its possible ^-^'''
    as we don't know how it will work or if the saves are encrypted or anything
    so we can't say if it will be possible or not atm...

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    Any game can 'possibly' be edited, but it isn't until they're actually OUT when people know.

    You can speculate and assume all you want until then. But sadly it won't make much of a difference :(

    We could technically make a request post for every game coming out. But it's not like they'll be resurrected for release time. Someone will just go and make a new one :p
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