Rockstar has always been very inventive in their marketing scheme for their games. What makes it even more exciting is when they start going viral, even before they actually confirm the existence of the game.That seems to be what's going on now with the much-buzzed about GTA V. What did they do this time?

Well, it appears that they're taking over the Internet, buying domains for themselves -- or at least for the possible next iteration of the franchise. Apparently, there were five domains registered by Take-Two Interacive, and from the sound of the domain names, these seem like they could be a perfect fit in the GTA world.

Reports trace the registration of the said domains all the way back to January 26th of this year, except for, which was actually the first to be registered of them all, on January 7th. Now, it's too early to be concluding that these are all in fact for GTA V. But given the rise in speculations about the game, such as the supposed Australian rating for it, then we don't blame you if you're going to be more inclined to believe it as such.

Other "clues" that we have so far on the GTA V reveal coming soon is the listing of the game from a Swedish retailer late last year. Nothing confirmatory came out of that, but it did send of sparks flying high. And although Pachter was wrong in opining that the fifth installment of the franchise was going to be good to go come 2010, 2011 does not seem so far-off as well.

We have nothing but conjectures at this point, though, so again, there's nothing left to do but to go back to the waiting room. We're expecting more build-up on this in the following days or weeks, too, so we'll be keeping our eyes peeled out so we can update you.