The Dark Knight returns to save Catwoman's life.
What is Batman: Arkham City?
Sequel to the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham Asylum, mixing hand-to-hand combat, exploration and puzzle-solving. You've heard of Batman, haven't you?

What's new?
According to developer Rocksteady, a whole lot is new.

* Five times the size of Arkham Asylum
* Improved combat
* Interrogations
* Many new gadgets
* Take helicopter rides -- wheeeee!

What's the story?
A year after the events of the first game, Arkham's former warden Quincy Sharp is now mayor of Gotham. With Arkham destroyed, Sharp has turned Gotham's slums into a prison for Arkham's inmates. When Two-Face threatens to execute Catwoman, Batman must break into Arkham City and put a stop to the madness.

How is Arkham City set up?
Arkham City is an open world, broken up into numerous districts. Each district is controlled by a different Batman enemy. You can go to any district you want, with each one having it's own narrative story missions to tackle. It sounds like Arkham City is set up like Red Dead Redemption, where each section has its own storylines, which eventually unlock overall story missions.

How has the gameplay changed?
The basics from the first game remain the same, but now players will need to identify enemies with information and avoid knocking them out in combat. The story is said to be darker and has more characters than in the first game, with the Boy Wonder among many believed to make an appearance.

Is there multiplayer?
There is no multiplayer in Batman: Arkham City.

What characters are in Batman: Arkham City?
The list of characters continues to grow, but here are the main players we know about:

* Batman
* Catwoman
* Talia al Ghul
* Two-Face
* Hugo Strange
* The Joker
* Harley Quinn
* Mr. Freeze
* The Riddler
* Mr. Zsasz
* Calendar Man
* Jack Ryder

How's It Looking?
We recently got a 20-minute demo showing off an early part of Batman: Arkham City. It looks awesome. Really, really awesome. Get psyched.

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