You can expect some more tweaks to arrive in Gran Turismo 5. Kazunori Yamauchi of Polyphony Digital has expressed it himself over at his Twitter account, and you bet you're going to let out a huge whoop when it comes out.

According to his Twitter post, it would be the In-Race Game Saves. It's not exactly ready yet, but it's very well "under development." The tweet, originally posted in Japanese, was then translated, thus giving us this message from the CEO: "I'm sorry. Game saves during endurances. They are currently under development."

This statement was in response to one fan's concerned tweet to Yamauchi-san, regarding his lack of time to finish everything in the game. Said andrepeniche, as I simply don't have 4, 9 or even 24 hours available to stay in front of the TV to do endurance races, as much as I love GT5, unfortunately it's not possible for me to complete them."

This particular feature is reportedly high on the must-have list of Gran Turismo 5 fans. GTPlanet recently launched a most-wanted game feature survey in their GT5 Feedback Forum, and this was the one that got asked for the most, with over 8,500 votes coming in.

As Yamauchi did not give out a hint how far along they are in the development of the In-Race Game Saves, we cannot even wildly guess when this will be rolling out in the game. Nonetheless, it sure is nice to know that they are listening to the concerns of their fans, and that more than just listening, they are actually working on it.

Just a couple of days back, they released a new patch for Gran Turismo 5, which is supposedly in preparation for the arrival of the GT Academy 2011, this March 4th.

Included in the changelog, apart from your entry point to GT Academy 2011, are Friend Rankings, Bug Fixes, and some other corrections of certain issues. A couple of weeks back, GT5 also received a major update, that one adding online B-spec mode to the game's features.