At the Game Developers Conference, Sucker Punch was in attendance, tagging along with them no other than Cole MacGrath himself. At their presentation, Sucker Punch revealed that PS3-exclusive inFamous 2, published by Sony, will be featuring a mission creator. That should be great for those who have the "if-I-could-I-would-have-done-this-for-this-level" complex.

This spankin' brand new system essentially - and as the name simply implies - lets you build your own levels. With the mission creator, you can fill your level with your preferred enemies, construct the environment with more objects, plot out your own storyline and more. It will also be up to you what kind of challenges, or how much, you'll be putting in it, as well as the limiting of races, and assigning XP for quest completion.

The video presentation also pointed to a variety of missions, including the following: Defense, Escort, Search and Destroy, Survival, Shooting Gallery, Platforming, and Obstacle Course. That doesn't mean, however, that you will be only limited to these choices. As you are the creator of the mission, you can add in whatever that may catch your fancy.

And since you will most certainly be working tirelessly at creating that perfect level, which you can show off to the rest of the gaming world, Sucker Punch has also come up with a way for you to publish your creation. As soon as you finish your level, you can then upload it to the map so other players can have a whack at it.

When it's up on the map, players can choose from among the choices of criteria auto-populating the map, according to their own preferences. When they've chosen, they just need to walk into the green cone of light, check out the information, and then get the party started. IGN notes, however, that "if a player hasn't cleared a story mission and a created mission uses an enemy or something from it, the player won't be able to access that created mission until he or she has unlocked that part of the story."

There's also another category, the "Sucker Punch Featured Content". This one means that it's not only other gamers who are appreciating your work, but that Sucker Punch itself is wowed by it that they are recommending it to other folks. That should be a big incentive for wanna-be developers to do their best, being lauded by a big-time dev company. Not only do you get Sucker Punch's two-thumbs up, this will also earn you the top spot on the created missions list as soon you load the game.

We bet you can't wait to get your hands on this mission creator feature. You just might be able to do that, too, what with the public beta for inFamous 2 now officially announced and dated.

Sucker Punch is slating it for an April outing, although they say that there will be more specific details on it that's yet to be announced come March 14th. If you're lucky enough to get in on the beta, you might want to warm up with your level creations as early as now. If your creation edges out the competition, you will be among the first wave of the Sucker Punch Featured Content.

Beta creations will be uploaded only for a limited time, and will be subsequently deleted before inFamous 2 officially hits on June 7th. Still, it should be nice to see your work featured before anybody else's does. Good luck, and we'll be keeping a keen eye out for more inFamous 2 beta details.