The Boolean object is used to convert a non-Boolean value to a Boolean value (true or false).

Try it Yourself - Examples

Check Boolean value
Check if a Boolean object is true or false.

Complete Boolean Object Reference

For a complete reference of all the properties and methods that can be used with the Boolean object, go to our complete Boolean object reference.

The reference contains a brief description and examples of use for each property and method!

Create a Boolean Object

The Boolean object represents two values: "true" or "false".

The following code creates a Boolean object called myBoolean:
var myBoolean=new Boolean();
If the Boolean object has no initial value, or if the passed value is one of the following:

  • 0
  • -0
  • null
  • ""
  • false
  • undefined
  • NaN

the object it is set to false. For any other value it is set to true (even with the string "false")!