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[Tutorial] [help] modding dragons dogma
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    meaw [help] modding dragons dogma

    help how to add itens to my character, whenever I edit the save gets corrupted, can someone help me?

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    Re: [help] modding dragons dogma

    If you add items, you have to change the amount of items you have in your inventory.

    If it can be helped, don't add. just replace.

    That is why you save is getting corrupted.

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    Re: [help] modding dragons dogma

    there is a TUT for this by Idlehands88

    and a dragons dogma modding thread

    as well as many other threads that cover this


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    Re: [help] modding dragons dogma

    If u still cant get it hit me up i will walk u through it.

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    Re: [help] modding dragons dogma

    Here are some thing that may be helpfull:
    -You cant add items to the storage, just swaping items and change ammount and "forge" level.
    -You must update the number of total items on your inventory

    (The line on the picture above)

    -You MUST NOT add or remove item fields, just edit.
    <class type="sItemManager::cITEM_PARAM_DATA">
    <s16 name="data.mNum" value="#"/>
    <s16 name="data.mItemNo" value="#"/>
    <u32 name="data.mFlag" value="#"/>
    <u16 name="data.mChgNum" value="0"/>
    <u16 name="data.mDay1" value="#"/>
    <u16 name="data.mDay2" value="#"/>
    <u16 name="data.mDay3" value="#"/>
    <s8 name="data.mMutationPool" value="0"/>
    <s8 name="data.mOwnerId" value="#"/>
    <u32 name="data.mKey" value="0"/>

    And I think thats all :/

    This post may help to:
    [Tutorial] How to add all Dragon's Dogma DLC weapons and armors (Easy and Fast Way)

    Hope it helps you :D

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    Re: [help] modding dragons dogma

    is there a quicker way to edit things or is this the only way



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