Considering the volume of fan-made game trailers cast onto the YouTubes every day, we're guessing MI6's "Making the Cut" competition will bring in a number of qualified entrants. Here's the deal: Any college student who makes a "non-traditional" trailer for either Halo: Reach or Dead Rising 2 can send said trailer into MI6 (the marketing agency, not the branch of British intelligence services), which could be chosen to receive an award during the annual MI6 Video Game Marketing Conference and Awards Show.

Participants are encouraged to use their imagination, but must also incorporate gameplay footage provided by the games' developers. Interested collegiate filmmakers can check out the rules and regulations or register for the contest on the official site. Then, it's just a matter of brainstorming and filming an eye-catching concept. How about ... backwards pre-teen zombie girls? Those seem to be pretty "in" right now.