10,000 red balloons? Sure. Speeches by global experts? You bet! A whole mess of hired protesters? Also that! But Dillinger Escape Plan? That we did not expect to see at THQ's Homefront rally this morning outside of GDC. And how does THQ's veep of Core Games explain the inclusion of the hardcore show? "They're a great local band who would bring people out!" he told us. "Even in the rain!" And we can't help but agree with the former statement (aren't they from New Jersey, Danny?).

Alongside the red (allegedly biodegradeable) balloons and red Homefront signs Dillinger Escape Plan fans and passersby both enjoyed the hardcore music stylings of classic Dillinger Escape Plan tunes. There's also a strong possibility that some folks were moshing.

Bilson continued, explaining the rally as a means "to highlight the story aspects of Homefront." He also hesitantly admitted, "We're trying to do more and more things to market our game. Just trying to do something different, ya know?"

He further detailed the rally as showing off Homefront's "social science fiction," and hopes it'll "get people thinking about more than just pulling triggers." It certainly got us thinking about more than just pulling triggers. For instance -- making sure we weren't being trampled by die-hard Dillinger Escape Plan fans.