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Project Gotham Racing 4
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    Project Gotham Racing 4

    Just writing this here, in case anyone needs it (no time to write a tutorial ).
    I know this is an old game, but there's no info here about it. Just trying to help...

    Info and tips to hex edit (mod) your save:

    * Game ID: 4D5307F9

    * Tested with Modio and Le Fluffie.

    * Edit directly the CON file (pgr4.save) with an Hex Editor.

    * Offsets:

    - Kudos (Raw Hex, 4 bytes) : 0x2D15D

    - Points (Raw Hex, 2 bytes) : 0xDBC8 and 0x2C745

    * Important info about the Points: There are two offsets in the save. You have to edit both with the same desired value (check the standings to know how much points you want). After that, you need to complete an event in the Career mode to update your position in the standings.

    * Save the file, Rehash and Resign (Fix in Le Fluffie).

    By the way programmers, a Save Editor can be done easily, because the offsets don't move... ;)


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