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Sonic Adventure XBLA +3 Trainer [58410A25] Created By: MBRKiNG
Trainer Options:- Inf Lifes- Inf Rings (DemiGod/ChaoShop)- Inf TimeInstructions:1. Download the attached files.2. Unrar the files3. Move the extracted "Sonic Adventure XBLA" Folder to your XBOX 360 HDD4. Launch the trainer_launcher.xex "TRAINER WAS LOADED INTO THE MEMORY!!"5. You can now start game by God/DVD/Extracted..6. Press Start+Back while in the game and follow the on-screen instructions7. Press a Number to activate an CheatCode.DIRECT-DOWNLOAD-CLICK-ME
Thanks for the trainer, but the link seems to be down, keeps saying too many requests.Would you be able to re-up to a different host.Thanks