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Warriors: Legends of Troy - Signer
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    Warriors: Legends of Troy - Signer

    Use with command prompt or pass variables from your own application. Can fix or verify the *extracted* Profile, Scenario, and Settings game data

    Example usage:

    Fix signature: C:\troysigner.exe -r C:\Profile
    Verify signature: C:\troysigner.exe -v C:\Profile




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    Traine Dev

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    thy 4 your hard work

    i tested your tool but save game can not be loaded

    Edit: it works big thx i rehashed my save with leflufie
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    The Immortal God

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    thanks for the tool awseome job
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    can somebody mod my save? Also there are 3 save files, which of them are needed?

    I tried it myself, my cleos is 7070 (1B9E in hex) and I found it at least 3 times in each save file, should I mod them all?
    And what is the max. amount you can mod?

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    Traine Dev

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    u need to mod the profile savefile

    here is a pic with the cleos location

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    I can't get it to load, I mod the save then use the signer from first post to calculate and validate, then I open Lefluffie, open the Profile save, go to security tab, click FIX, then VERIFY but when in game the save is not loading.
    Only thing I can do is start new story
    What is wrong?

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    same here tripple checked everything but can only load new story.

    edit: seems its not working wright becous i just modded a test file back to old cleos and only resigned with lefluffie and loads right away.
    weird thing is if i do
    L:\saves\troy\troysigner.exe -v L:\saves\troy\Profile
    it says valid signature no on this file
    on the modded file it was no aswell after modding the did
    L:\saves\troy\troysigner.exe -r L:\saves\troy\Profile
    L:\saves\troy\troysigner.exe -v L:\saves\troy\Profile
    and it came up as valid signature but wasnt working

    (pal console)

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    can you make a tut for use this tool pls


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