Since its inception, the Red Faction franchise has been heaped with praise for its capacity for environmental destruction -- a fact that hasn't eluded the series' handlers. In an interview with CVG, Red Faction: Armageddon production lead Dan Sutton explained, "In Guerrilla there was a kind of moral issue. When you were destroying buildings, you thought, 'Should I really be doing this?' But in Armageddon we've completely thrown that out and we're basically motivating players to destroy everything in sight."

That quote is surprising in two distinct ways: First, we can destroy everything in sight? So, like, the whole planet? Wouldn't that ruin the game a little? Also, we were supposed to feel bad when destroying buildings in Guerrilla? We ... didn't get that. It's hard to feel guilty about something when you're busy giggling and yelling for your friends to come check out this totally dope new crater you made.