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[Tut] Farcry 2 Diamonds Hacking
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    [Tut] Farcry 2 Diamonds Hacking

    Hack has become alot easier now with an improved method of finding the right value.
    This guide instructs you what to do after you have the 6MB save on your computer.
    Color coded the guide to make it prettier. Red is required and lime/green is optional. Read the whole guide fully before trying since the optional steps are really optional and only there for knowledge and are not requried.

    File Extension:
    If you save uses a .sav file extension you only have to do steps 3, 5 and 8 essentially.(So far most of the time but sometimes .sav still is compressed so if it don't work for you than follow the steps for the .savtu) .savtu file extensions require all steps and all the programs below. So .sav you can essentially open the save up in a hex editor search for the value given in step 5. Change your diamonds and than rehash with a resigner program. (Thanks to Spetafranks and bearded.dragon for supplying saves and also for letting me know that .sav doesn't require decompression with offzip/packzip). If you remove all updates from the game your saves will be .sav. Any .savtu saves you have will remain .savtu and will be unrecognizable unless you reupdate.

    Knowledge needed:
    Know how to work the programs listed below and a general knowledge of how to hack.

    Programs needed:
    Le Fluffie
    Offzip/Packzip UI
    Hex Editor(I use HxD)
    Scientific Caclulator(tool that coverts from Decimal to Hex)

    Also you will need patience since the offsets do change so it's not like you go to this location and change this to that. Nope you gotta do your own bit of searching but trust me I found a sure way to find the value.

    1. Start out by opening your save with Le Fluffie and going extracting the FC2GameSaves. Now you will than run Offzip/Packzip like shown and extract all the files. Do not skip the extracting of the FC2GameSaves file from the gamesave since doing so makes it so you extract a TON of files when using Offzip/Packzip

    2. Now you will have a random amount of files extracted. One of my saves had 32, another had 34 and later another had 39. I hacked a save for someone else and he had only 10. So make sure you extract it into an area that is a seperate folder with nothing else in it.(except maybe your original save and your split file from the save like I did)

    3. Make sure you know the value of your diamonds in hex. Mine was 66 so it is 42 in hex. Now your diamonds will show up 04 XX XX XX XX where XX XX XX XX = your diamonds show in Little Endian Hex. Which means if it's anything 255 or lower than it's just 04 XX otherwise lets say your Hex in diamonds is 11 22 33 44 in little endian it'd be 04 44 33 22 11 is best way to put it. There should be a slim chance you have more than 255 diamonds though without hacking.

    4. Now lets get down to business. Step 5 is the real instructions but to explain. You will search each .dat file and you should only come across 2 of these values in all the files. Now you will have to search each .dat file using step 5.

    5. Now do a hex search for "78 BF 3D 33" or "78BF3D33". Without the quotations of course. You have to search each .dat file. Ignore the first save either named 000003f.dat or 000003e.dat. I have highlight the value which is directly after the searched value. Except there is a 04 seperating the 2. I imagine the value we are searching for is a locator value(always consistantly infront of the amount of diamonds) while the 04 is amount of bytes the value can be max. The value can be set to at least 65535(FF FF) but I did 1000(E8 03). NOTE: Normally it's 03 E8 but it is in little endian so the bytes are backwards.

    6. Now go back to Offzip/Packzip UI. Now go to the Packzip tab. If you read how I recompressed it into the file it should make sense on how you do it. Be sure the offset matches the save file you edited. If you find the value is 0003e7bc.dat make sure the offset is 0x0003e7bc.

    7. Now what you do is replace the FC2GameSaves in the save you started with. Hopefully you know how to do that. Be sure to replace. Do not insert or anything else. Replace the old with your new one.

    8. Go over to the security tab and click the Fix button and than put your save back to your device(HDD or MU) than try it out.

    Extensions Explained: Alright to better explain the extensions in how I think it works on what type of file extension you have. The extension .sav seems to be from a game that doesn't have the newest game update for Far Cry 2. While .savtu(.sav2 if you say it outloud) must be the new file extension so the game can tell the difference between which save is not compressed(.sav) to which one is compressed(.savtu). I have now confirmed the above is true.

    Currently: Currently attempt to hack ammo, grenades, molotovs and syringes and if possible Malaria Medicine. I am also looking for stats on weapon status since they do degrade so trying to find out if that can be edited at all.

    Future Plans: I plan on making saves that start out the game with at least enough diamonds to buy everything without ever collecting a single diamond.

    Credit goes to MountaindewM

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    did you manage to make a save from the start with loads of diamonds? as I bought this game new when it came out but I have never played it lol!

    If you have a save please can you post it
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    Re: [Tut] Farcry 2 Diamonds Hacking

    offzip why it does not extracting the files of the FC2GameSaves
    here is my saveFC2SaveGames.rar

    please anyone max diamond
    thanks in advance



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