Ever since revealing Kratos for the PS3 version of Mortal Kombat, Xbox 360 owners have been waiting to hear about platform-exclusive features for Microsoft's console. While NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. have yet to confirm anything, Save and Quit has posted up some rumored features -- and no, none of them are a playable Spartan.

Outside of an exclusive Puzzle Kombat mode, the Xbox 360 will also get a King of the Hill mode (which features Avatar support) and an arena called The Pit 360, a remake of Mortal Kombat 3's The Pit 3. Additionally, it's reported that DLC character "Lady in Red" will be offered as a free download for Xbox Live users for a limited time following her debut and there will be exclusive Mortal Kombat-themed Avatar gear available for purchase on Xbox Live.

None of this is confirmed, of course, but the image above supposedly shows off the King of the Hill mode and some Avatars, giving this rumor just a little hint of validity. We've contacted both NetherRealm and Warner Bros. for comment.