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    xboxdev forum

    anyone know what happen to xboxdev forum? is it dead or change to other site? i had been so long not visit that forum, yesterday i try it, it said site not available...
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    i think its dead...
    and it should stay dead as it was crap anyway ^-^
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    Supermodder failed to pay the site fee....again, It has been going to hell since the move anyway. i don't see it getting back up and running as it had no activity, All Supermodder cared about was the Valhalla sales.

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    It's such a shame though :(.
    I don't like when people lose track of their goal and everything is all about profit.

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    its was bound to fail when the move happen, supermodder just didnt care about the community anymore, im glad this site started, its awesome and way better the xboxdev.
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    I guess this time xboxdev is definitely over, the site has been down for about a month :P, I'm also glad that this community was created :D, but too bad for the guys who paid $50 for valhalla :s

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    As Renegade mentioned in a previous post. SuperModder has been behind on Payments. And is also is losing money from customers of Valhalla disputing. Lastly XboxDev will most likely stay down for good as he is pretty done with Valhalla. Please though lets keep XboxDev talk down ;) if you have any other questions feel free to PM.

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