If you've ever wanted to check out Mushihimesama Bug Panic on iPhone, wait until Saturday to do so (or download the Lite version). The top-down, bomb-tossing action-adventure game is discounted to $0.99 from April 9 through April 17, with all sales going to the Red Cross.

It's doing the same for the as-yet-unreleased Nin2-Jump for XBLA. Cave says that the game will be released worldwide this April for 400 Microsoft Points, with all proceeds through June also going to the Red Cross.

Cave also has a couple of non-charity-related discounts. From April 9 through April 17, Dodonpachi Resurrection will be $4.99, and EspGaluda 2 will be $4.99 (if it gets enough votes in the OpenFeint Fire Sale).