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[REQ] Operation flashpoint Mods.
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    [REQ] Operation flashpoint Mods.

    is there anny mod for this game? jtag mod perhaps?i searched everywhere but no result...its a good game only too hard for me :P.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Would like to see sum mods for this game aswell

    anyway this was posted by thugsta1 and the ones who made these all credit goes to them

    Jtag mods
    Here is a sh!t load of custom PC Missions done via the Mission Editor on PC by PC Modders (you need the source files, cant convert PC Mission otherwise)

    The Mission Editor was ment to be in the 360 version but was taken out so codies can sell us all missions (Mission Editor was in the Xbox Classic version)

    Anyway, enough of the story, the DLC includes an extra campaign, zombie mod survival (yes zombies), fantastic set piece missions, also Island Wars.

    Just unzip/rar into the games DLC folder.






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