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problems after dash and firmware update
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    Question problems after dash and firmware update

    I've got a couple of problems after having my Jtag upgraded. I had the dash updated from 8955 to 12625 and the firmware upgraded from 1.6.1 to LT+ 1.1 and now most games (new and old) wont run anymore. When I put the disc in the drive it just grinds for a few seconds then gives me the 'open tray' option, some of the games I tried recently worked fine the day before the upgrades.

    Also, I cant play any Xvid movies on the 360 anymore, the media update is still there but I just get an unsupported format message when I try to play anything. After the update I put in the 12625 update from MS website which I was told would fix the avatar support and sort the media update out, this caused an E71 error upon completion of the install but everything seemed fine after I resetted the console and I've also heard that this is quite common after the update. My avatar came back but I still get asked to connect to live to update my clothes if I try to customize it.

    Common fault with the new firmware? Or do you guys think I need to take it back to the guy who did the uogrades?

    Not sure if it's worth mentioning but its a 2006 xenon with a Hitachi drive.

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    All the old (before 12611) avatar items have to be updated via xboxlive to work, either find some new downloads of them that say they work with the new dash or if they're legit download them again from xboxlive using a non-jtagged console.
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