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[WARNING] Read For More Info
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    [WARNING] Read For More Info

    Group of hackers called "Anonymous" are out taking over people computers to DOS various sites. So PLEASE be sure to scan what you download, and your entire computer full scan and all.

    Anonymous is a group who is to be taken very serious, and if I'm paranoid you should be to. They've hacked into government severs, and more before so please do take this serious.

    Here's a list of free anti-virus and firewall programs you can use.







    RemoveIt Pro v4 SE




    +I personally recommend these, also keep them updated. They all work on XP, Vista, Windows 7, and can be installed side by side w/o any issues.

    Again this is a warning to help protect you.
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    Another free antivirus that you can use is AVG.

    Personally I recommend Avast as it's pretty much one of the best free (and commercial) ones out there, besides Kaspersky. The latter isn't free though.

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    And if you're still unsure then you can use a virtual setup, or something like Sand Boxie to isolate what you're using.

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    Anonymous am sure i've heard of them, are they not the guys the casually crashed master-card n visa sites during this wikileaks clusterf**k ? and they have done a whole load of other things if am correct ?
    but yea McWxXx is right about Anonymous, they are pretty serious business
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    Anonymous eh? Never heard of them they must be anonymous....

    Anyways, Sand Boxie is a great program as jizzy said. Also why would they waste there pro-skills on common computers?

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    Yea nice post I can use some protection:)

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    Thanks for the anti-virus protection programs :)

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    Be sure if ur trial runs out revert ur time back which gives u more time if u do this everytime ur trial runs out ull have anti virus forever i know this work for avira dnt know bout the others so ull have to try it out for the other :)
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